Double standard

People look at me and my boyfriend weirdly all the time, because of the visible age difference (he’s 24 and I’m 34,I look younger than my age but he does too so you can still tell we’re not in the same age group). We are equal partners, we’re perfect for each other, it’s the best, most intimate, most honest, most loving relationship either of us has ever had. We’re actually engaged and living together, but despite knowing this lots of people keep referring to us as if we were just casually dating, and one actually asked when the wedding was going to be and when I said “next summer”, she said “good, you’ll have plenty of time to change your minds until then.” Lots of people ask unabashedly how old we are to satisfy their curiosities, and give us surprised looks when they find out I am actually in my mid-thirties. Not to mention all the girls his age that hit on him right in front of me.
Now, if the genders were reversed? A 24-year-old young woman and a 34, or even 44-year-old man? Perfectly normal. Maybe at a 20-year age gap where the man is older people start thinking about it, but they still wouldn’t ask straight to someone’s face. But 10 years, where the man is older? Nobody looks at it as strange, nobody has doubts the relationship will fall apart. People see that combo (20sF, 30sM) as THE prototype for a perfect couple. But with us, everybody seems to look uneasy when they see us, as if this were totally inappropriate. Mostly I just laugh when someone asks, and I am proud to be where I am at this point in my life, so it doesn’t really affect me, but it kind of hurts to be honest. It is also a good indicator of where society’s collective views are at this time. There is room for improvement.