This is a couple of years ago now. I was waiting for a friend outside a dockside cafe, I had a glass of wine and was just sat on a bench looking at the boats.
It was early evening. There were a bunch of men hanging around. One of them plonked himself down on the bench next to me, grinned, then just scampered away.
I smiled at him politely,didnt give it a moments thought.
Then my friend arrived, and she pointed the same group of men out,so they were actually a stag party, going in and out of pubs round the docks.
The one who had sat down by me was wearing a strap on, and the others were taking photos of him accosting as many women as possible.
I expect some found it hilarious and posed for selfies with him
I am a 5ft 1″ disabled 60 year old women.
I wasnt even aware of what they were doing – I didnt even notice (I dont go around looking at people’s crotches!) but there used to be a name for this,’outraging public decency’.