Today I got dressed for a nice dinner with my family. I’m a 15 year old girl for context. I wore a nice necklace I had recently bought. I felt really good about myself and what I was wearing. At the dinner my uncle said something that really upset me. He casually said I must be wearing a necklace so boys have an excuse when they stare at my boobs for too long. He thought this was hilarious and laughed at his own joke. I myself thought it was kind of creepy.

However this was not the first time my uncle had made a sexist remark. Last week I got catcalled by an old man while running. I felt really disturbed and told my family about the incident. My uncle defended the man who catcalled. He tried to justify his action by claiming he lived in a different time and was not used to how things were done these days.

My uncle has also frequently made fun of my mom (his sisters) chest size. He would send her birthday cards saying “I hope your birthday was but as flat as your boobs”.

Today I confronted my mom about his casual sexist comments. She told me that thing we’re down differently in his days. It really upset me that she was not standing up for herself not me. I love her so much and resent my uncle for not treating her with the respect she deserves.

I believe that there is a larger issue at play here. Older people seem ignore casual sexism. I understand it may be true that things were different back then, but is this really a valid justification for sexism? The women’s rights movement has made so much progress in recent years. Why is it that middle aged men cannot acknowledge and understand progress that has been made more recently? It angers me older men do not take the time to educate themselves and learn respect for women. I hope in the future we can educate men to respect women. Do that Instead of teaching women to cover up and protect themselves against men.