A young person who shouldnt have to deal with this shit

When I was younger, maybe 10 or 11, I was sitting at the only table at my kung fu school (something I love, and cherish, thats become a safe space for me) and I was drinking juice. I was drinking the juice with my mouth around the cap, incicling it. And a man who was an upper level, and fucking 30, with a kid my age and a daughter a few years younger, starts laughing. Now, I’m ten, so I dont understand, because a fucking gain, in this story, I am ten. But ive come to learn that he was laughing because it looked like i was giving the bottle a blow job, which i didnt know because im TEN YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. His son was the one who started it, pointing and laughing, and you’d think, when your child is sexualizing another child, you’d scold them a bit, or, even, look away uncomfortably. You wouldnt, certainly, join in on the sexuilizing of an already very anxious and confused child, thus confusing her some fucking more. Its not the worst thing thats happened to me in the name of sexism, but its always stuck with me because of the sheer absurdatiy of the situation. A man in his 30’s laughing with his 11 year old son about a girl who happened to drink her bottle of tropicana in a way that vaguely resembled a blow job, then expecting her to get the joke, and when she finally understood, laughed like it was a funny little joke.