My mother has to make my stepdad every single meal, wash all of his clothes, dry them, iron them, fold them. She does the sole work of looking after me and my brother, goes to work, cooks and washes up and hoovers and does EVERY SINGLE JOB in the house. Now that I’m old enough I take on the next biggest portion of house work, meaning I have hardly any time for school work (I’m doing A-Levels). I’m so sick of him sitting in front of the TV all day every day while she does everything for him like she’s his mother and he’s not a grown man. He never thanks very, offers to help, takes her on dates or does anything for her and she deserves so so so much more. I wish she would leave him and I’m so sick that this is normalised in the eyes of the world as a ‘normal’ relationship and she should ‘just be grateful he doesn’t hit her’. My brother follows in my stepdads lead and doesn’t do anything in the house either, and my mum is too sick and tired of asking that she just accepts that me and her should do it all. I try and talk about this with people but they always say stuff like “that’s just what men do” and “it’s her job to take care of the house anyway”.
I’m so angry that men get to spend their whole lives doing nothing while the women are their slaves. She deserves better, and he needs to grow up and treat her like his equal partner, not his babysitter.