I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand what I’m writting but I’m hungarian and I have no english language degree so I’m just try to translate everyting correctly.
When I was 8 years old in 3rd grade we got a new E.T. teacher. I skipped the first week of school becaouse of my family vacation. I was a sporty girl. On my first school this teacher looked at me and told me that “If he would be in my age he would date with me” after that I became his favourite he Always took me to the sport compatitions, and had a lot of private chat with me in his office, he huged me a lot and in the class he was inapropriately touching me and My classmates and even kids from other classes. None of really recognized it he was always so nice to us and always gave us candy. Of course in the dressing room me and my classmates (when no other students where in) were talking about what a pedofile he is and wich one of us got touched this time but whe were really careful that no one could hear us talking about it becaouse we were scared if we will start to spread this sort of gossips we would get into trauble. So we kept our mouth shut. When I went to 5th grade I got a new teacher who was a lady and I really liked her. But one year later some kids from the class above us started to gossip their stories and experienses with him and it got into the teachers ear and the kids got an admonitory for telling their truth. If it’s not enuogh my head teacher who was my favourite teacher told us that he is such a great man and these kids ruining his career and that we never ever alowed to say something like that becaouse it’s calumny. I’m 14 years old now and have been sexualy assulted several other times. I have just left the school where he is theaching but throughout the years i’ve got other abusive lines from him for example I have a scar on my upper thigh and he told me that “That scar is going to be your sexepile later with the boys” or something like that. Every single one of his lines and hugs and touches are in my mind right now as these would happen yesterday.
I know my story is not the most tragic and that other ladies have to deal with worse than that day by day but it felt great write it out of myself. Noone really knows what a big scar is this for me.