Trinidad Rojo

Last year was the worst year so far in my life.
It all started when one guy asked if I had a boyfriend. I said yes.
He started talking about how I must send him nudes and do dirty stuff with him.
The next couple of days, he started from saying things like those to picking on the boys that would sit around me and telling them to take off their shirts and show it off to me. Making jokes about how I should suck his friend’s dick. Then, he started watching porn in class, somehow the teacher didn’t notice.
Then another boy, well, a female to male transgender boy, started showing me porn in front of the whole class, the ones sitting beside him looked uncomfortable but didn’t do a thing. I didn’t either.
Then on P. E. He gropped my ass while acting like he was tying his shoe laces.
The first boy then started sending me dick pics, and at that point I told my parents who sued his, and he finally stopped.
Then I decided to rant in the middle of a class about everything that had been going on. You should have seen their faces.
The second boy started to cry and his friends said that was just the way he was, trying to defend him.
All of this went down in the span of 4 months.
While all of this was going down, my boyfriend started threatening that he would kill me and then himself if I dared leave him.
When I did, the next boyfriend I had asked for nudes every day until I gave up and sent them.
I am glad to say I no longer have to see them and the first at least apologized. But the damage is done.