I currently work in retail at a sporting/outdoors store and have male bosses. Every time a customer comes and asks me a question, one of my bosses automatically steps in and answers the question for me, assuming I don’t know the answer. If they think I am struggling to help a customer, they come right over and take over the conversation with the customer I am with.
And whenever there is something that is a little heavy, they assume I need “help”, they do it for me, or they say “are you sure you can get that?”

These are both small things, however they both damage my spirit. For my managers to automatically assume I need help with questions or lifting sometimes makes me feel they think I am incapable.

So now, if I am far enough away, I just ignore them. The few times I have been able to do that it works!

All of you fellow women out there are amazing. You are all beautiful, intelligent humans.