Boys in our sixth form have been highly sexist for over a year now (making ridiculous comments about how women only belong in the kitchen) and the other day were caught joking about sexual assault. They were saying awful things like ‘is it really sexual assault if the girl enjoys it?’. When confronted about this by two girls in our sixth form (who had both been previously sexually assaulted) they simply laughed. When this got reported to our head of sixth form, he said that they were stressed due to being in year 13 and that they didn’t mean it maliciously. He also essentially told the sixth form that if they wanted to say things like that, they shouldn’t do it in front of the girls. Essentially allowing the behaviour to happen, but just not around us. The girls were also told off for getting angry at the boys, yet the boys were not punished or told off for joking about sexual assault. We also found out the other day that safeguarding told us that our previous reports would be told to the headteacher, however this never happened. Most senior staff had no awareness of the fact that the majority of the boys in our sixth form hold quite extreme views and like to joke about them, despite us being told that the senior staff are aware and that it was being dealt with. The school have given us assemblies on consent, however I know it is only so the school look like they are doing something. Absolutely appalling, me and all the girls are outraged!! It’s a classic case of the boys get protected for being sexist and the girls get blamed for being angry.