In school we were writing argumentative essays and we were able to come up with our own topics. Some of them were about animal testing, or AI, and even gun control, but most were about how “gay people shouldn’t be allowed to live”, or “Same sex couples should be illegal”, but the real kicker was that one boy chose the topic of “Why man are superior to women”. When the teacher read his topic I honestly felt unsafe because all of the guys in my class cheered and whooped and agreed with him. The whole day the boys in my class talked about how great and amazing this boy’s topic was and how the world needed more men exactly like him. The boy who came up with the sexist comment sits next to me in math, so I sat while boys walked past him and gave him fist bumps. He then made a comment to me about how, without men, women wouldn’t be able to survive. I responded by telling him about a new study where women’s bone marrow was able to be used to impregnate a woman, to which he responded “Well, I saw a YouTube short saying that was fake.” I just looked at him because of how stupid his answer was. throughout the rest of the day he would ask me for help and I would respond with “I’m just a woman, I’m not nearly as smart as you, why’re you asking ME for help?” or “You’re superior to me, figure it out yourself.” Needles to say, my teacher ended up making him change his topic and he ended up writing about videogames while my teacher couldn’t stop talking about how amazing my topic was (I chose to write about legalizing abortion).