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My conversation Me: i dont want marriage or children, i never have Them: youll change your mind/youre too young to think that/you havent met the right man yet/tell me in 10years when youre married with kids etc My boyfriends conversation Him: i dont want marriage or children. I never have Them: what about your partner? Him: she doesnt want that either Them: sweet/lucky/highfives all round Why cant i get that reaction for knowing what i want with my life? Why is he lucky but im deluded?


I was going with my friend down a street after we went to Starbucks and then this car started following us, it was in broad daylight. We found it weird cause there was no one there and the car was going at our speed and there were like 5 men inside and we were 2 and then we started running and running but the car would just speed up so me and my friend started running back and forth and the car would just hit reverse. We then ran out full speed until we reached home and the car was outside the house but after 2 minutes they left. KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS IN AN ARABIC COUNTRY QATAR, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, I AM 11, AND I WASNT SHOWING MUCH


First, I have to tell, that most of my friends are Boys. I don’t know why, but they are. We have been friends for more then ten years now and I really love my friends. But sometimes I just want to Punch them. It all atarted about nine years ago when we were all about 17/18. We watched Eurotrip and there is this Girl who is always refered to as “A cool dude with long hair” and “Not a real girl”.Since then, they projected that on me, telling me constantly that I am “not a real girl” and that I am “more like a guy” to them. When I was Young and stupid, I took it as a compliment (They certainly mean it as a compliment), but now that I am older and more educated, I see it as the Sexist behavior that it is. Yesterday, one of my friends said: “Women are so annoying. I just don’t get them.”. I said: “Hey, we aren’t that bad”. He looked at me puzzeled and told me: “Not you, I mean real Girls.”. So I asked him, what he meant by “Real Girls”. “You know, this whiny, entiteled bitches. They don’t get anything, they only care about Looks and they are so emotional and irrational. You are more like a dude, you know? We can talk to each other without you having a breakdown or wanting to have a relationship with me. We can drink beer together and joke around. A girl would never be like that. I wish I could find a rational woman to be with. But they just don’t exist”. I pointed out to him that he would never find a “rational woman” to be with if he just doesn’t view them as women and that the Point is that he is afraid his girlfriend could be smarter then him or more educated and so he wouldn’t be able to talk down on her. We had a very Long discussion about gender don’t being a “biological” issue to him but more an issue about prejudices and gender roles. He, who sees himself as the most rational being on earth, was a Little upset but promised to think about his views towards women. We’ll see… I like to Point out that not only he engages in this behaviour. A lot of my male equaintences do that. It affects not only me, but my husband as well. Because they don’t see me as A “real woman”, they don’t see him as a “real man”. There are a lot of gay jokes (Bad, no matter what the circumstances- come on guys!) (Wich they say are not about man having sex with man- they say they don’t care and that love is love, but about “gay behaviour”- whatever that means)and jokes about him “being the girl in the relationship”. You know- all the emasculating bullshit, because obviously there is nothing worse then being a woman on this earth and “girl” is the biggest Insult… I am glad, that my husband isn’t stressed out by that stupid bullshit at all, but calls it out with me. I feel really bad that for some years now, I have contributed to Misogynie by actually feeling flatered for beeing seen as “not like other Girls” and “a cool dude with Long hair”. I will no longer keep up with that crap. Listen guys: Woman are not hysterical, whiney, irrational beings and you are not the ones deciding who is or isn’t a girl. Humanity is divers. You don’t get to Label someone who doesn’t fit inside your worldview. Shut up!

mad, overprotective, younger sister

Men, even the self proclaimed ‘woke’ ones, who don’t understand that when someone has told you they’re not interested, you should stop with all the advances. My family’s been friends with this guy through my brother for like 4 years now. We’re increasingly becoming done with him. Major reason why? His inability to keep it platonic with my sister. They already talked about his one-sided feelings and agreed to remain friends. And yet he keeps doing really awkward stuff that irritates and embarrasses my sister. Worst of all he’s frequently stated how emotionally dependent he is on my sister, and that their ‘friendship’ has helped him through his mental illness. From that alone you might think, all he’s done is thank her. Well no. He’s said ‘he’d be depressed without her’ with puts responsiblity on my sister for his health, and holds her accountable if she wants to end the friendship that he has made so stressful and infuriating. He’s had the gall in a club to grab my sister’s hand, and said her leaving his sight triggers his anxiety. She justly left him alone in the corner of the club while she danced with her friends. He comes over every family event and then proceeds to stay the whole weekend even once everyone else has left. My sister hates this, because he doesn’t deserve all her time. Not even a husband should be attached to the hip of his partner. He’s just being a creep now, not respecting boundaries. And this is a dude who acts all woke about social injustice, and yet he’s been very sexist to my sister with his behaviour. Leave women alone, if you can’t keep your dick in your pants, do her a favour and remove yourself from her life


Just met up with someone who is a friend – not a long-time friend, more of an acquaintance. I consider him a decent guy, but he just spent the whole hour and a half talking about himself. There was not one question about how things were going with me, it was all about him. He wasn’t stressed about anything, so it wasn’t a situation where sometimes you just need a listening ear to talk things over, he was just talking about his life, his ideas, his plans. I mean really, what was in that for me? I’m just exhausted and annoyed, I won’t bother with him again. It seems like the only time men (pretend) to listen to women is when they think it might help them to get you into bed, and even then they can barely manage to keep up the artifice. Men never assume that a woman is more intelligent than them either, so they sit there rattling off their opinions with confidence on something they know next to nothing about, even if the woman they’re talking to has a degree in the subject – at least I’ve met few men who do otherwise.


A new friend asked me about my day, so I told her that I’d been researching different topics and gave her some basic details. She said to me “you’re a serious little girl, aren’t you?” I’m a woman in my forties and she’s 50.


when I was in year 9 I was with my boyfriend who was two years older then me and we were in private when he started kissing me (I had never kissed anyone before) then he started rubbing my lower area and I started crying, he didn’t take any notice of this and continued going. I didn’t tell anyone about this till a year latter when I decided to tell one of my close friends. When I told him his reply was that’s not that bad.


I have a curvy body, i was never really comfortable in it so i barely ever reveal skin. One night my friends forced me to go to the club with them. i felt uncomfortable the whole time. (I don’t drink) i was the DD of the night. A guy came up from behind me and GRABBED my ass. I was pissed so i turned and hit him. My friends dragged me away saying “it happens all the time” “take it as a compliment”. I was furious, i honestly do not understand how they perceive it that way. Later that night, i asked them if that has ever happened to them they said no. They’re both the complete opposite of me: tall, skinny, model like. They told me they get asked out and flirted with but never grabbed. But if it did happen, it isn’t a big deal. I don’t know how they see it that day but i can’t see them the same way after that. This just made me more insecure in my own skin.


out with a bunch of friends and my guy friend grabbed my ass and boobs on different occassions when we were out. in front of his girlfriend, too. i was 14, didn’t really know how to feel about it so i kinda let it slide.


I was maybe 21 when I visited friends in Germany. The small village where I stayed at held a street festival and there was drinking and partying. While I was there I met an old friend of my dad’s. We talked about my father and my family in general and he asked me if he could get me a drink. I did not mistrust him at all so I said yes. The next thing I can remember is lieing half naked on the bed with him next to me. I was so shocked that I grabbed my clothes and left. I was ashamed because I was drinking, but I know that I did not drink as much to pass out from it. And then a week later I received a letter from this guy apologizing and asking me not to tell my father about the incident. I never did…