About a year ago I went to see my favourite band in concert. I had a great time, I was dancing and singing along to all of my favourite songs! I always dance with small movements, as I don’t really like drawing attention to me or my chest. For the final song the band asked everyone in the audience to put their hands in the air and go crazy. So I did, I danced wildly with my arms up in the air. Suddenly, I feel a hand cupping my breast. It was a very crowded concert and I couldn’t see who did it. He ruined the concert for me, I had loved every minute of it until that jerk decided he was entitled to touch my boob, without me wanting him to.

When I told 2 of my male friends about the incident I used the words: “I just don’t know why they would do this to me.” Meaning it like why would anyone do this to someone else without consent. One of them replied “Oh I see why they would do that to YOU.” Obviously insinuating that he thinks that my breasts looked good. The other one just nodded. This really pissed me off and also made me feel like my opinion didn’t matter. It was belittling and I was shocked that my friends would think that way.