There are so many occasions in my short 18 years, in which I’ve been subjected to sexism and just brushed it off, like we all do. Only two nights ago, as I was leaving a party, myself and my friend had to manoeuvre our way around an adolescent group of boys when one shouts after us “NICE TITS”… but worse than this on a night out in my local town only a few weeks ago I was sexually assaulted in a club. It was a busy Saturday night and everyone was crammed on the dance floor, so myself and another friend stood on the peripheral were there was slightly more room to breath when I felt a hand roaming on my bum. I was fuming! I turned around slapped the hand away and told the guy (rather loudly and with some use of volatile language) where to go. Needless to say he looked a little shocked that someone, a woman!, had reacted so forcefully to his actions and he retreated. I then headed over to the bouncer and told him he needed to watch out and explained the situation, when I pulled away from his ear he looked a little surprised so I shouted above the music “did you get that?” all he could reply to me was “Really?!”. I don’t know if he was shocked that someone had reported this to him or what, but I hope that my small action saved a few other girls from this guys leering advances that night.