Myself and a few of my friends went on a night out to our nightclub on our university campus. Whilst I was there I separated from the group of them on the dancefloor to go and get myself some water from the bar. As I got there a guy I had never met before started talking to me, I’m usually friendly back and was polite and said hi to him. This guy offered to get me a drink and I politely refused and explained I was just wanting to get some water but thanked him for the offer. I was then asked by this guy if I would give him a kiss, to which I was very clear and said no, I don’t know you at all there’s no way I’m going to kiss you. He then introduced himself as Ben and asked once again if I would kiss him. I gave him the same response and he seemed to disappear. Next thing I know a bunch of lads from the football team barged over and knocked Ben into me (they didn’t know him so it wasn’t as if it was deliberate), but by this point Ben was very close to me and put his hands on my waist. I tried to move away from his touch but I had nowhere I could go and was already pushing myself quite a bit towards the girl in front of me in an attempt to move away from here. It was very clear from my body language I was not interested in him. However, the more I moved away from him, he would just follow up behind me meaning there was even less space than before. The next thing I knew, Ben had moved his hands up and was squeezing my boobs whilst I was at the bar. I turned around and told him to get his hands off of my boobs and he did. But this didn’t seem to stop him, I then felt his hands trying to lift up my dress and put his hands up my dress. At this point I swore loudly at him a lot and asked him who the hell he thought he was doing something like that, I also grabbed his hands and pushed them away from me- trying to assert some control in the situation to make it clear that I was not interested in him at all. He overpowered me and started moving my hands towards his trousers. I quickly ripped my hands out of his grip and told him he was disgusting for trying to do that. To which his only response was: ‘don’t you want to see what your body has done to me though?’. By this point there was now space for me to get away and I quickly made my escape.
My biggest regret is that I didn’t report it. I was in such a state of shock and all I wanted to do was get back to my friends and have a good night and forget about the idiot I just met and so I didn’t report it.