Becca Moore

After a guy friend from my classes (who I trusted a lot and was convinced I had formed a great friendship with) came to my house uninvited and told me that he had feelings for me, I politely told him that I don’t see us as more than friends. He then came back with this comment. “When I was younger, if a girl friend zoned me, I would be like no, fuck that, I don’t need any more friends. But now that I’m older I’m okay with staying friends with you even though you friend zoned me.” Oh really, after going to these lengths and making me extremely uncomfortable at my classes and in our friend group, you will do me the honor of remaining friends with me?! I was outraged by the use of the term “friend-zoned” as it shifted the blame to me for not being interested. I was also outraged because it seemed to me that this guy was just forming this friendship with the end goal of dating me. Not cool.