Hi ESP, I just wanted to add my story, which occurred yesterday as I was driving to work, and then subsequently on a Facebook group I’m a member of. As I was driving to work I came to a mini roundabout and was looking right out of my open window for coming traffic. A man was standing with his young son by the side of the road and loudly said: “Will you look at that! She’s got a face like a slapped arse!”. I only just realised what he’d said as I drove off, and just dismissed him as a bit of a doucebag. However, when I got to work I decided to tell a Facebook group about it. I was quite light-hearted, just mentioning what I’d been called ending the update with #everydaysexism. And that’s when all hell broke loose. I got 300 responses, the vast majority of which were negative or downright abusive. I was called a virtue-caller, a sexist, ridiculous, pathetic, I was told I sound like I have a face like a slapped arse, that I was being sensitive and needed to relax, that it is political correctness gone mad, that I hate anyone with a penis, that I’m ridiculous etc etc etc. This actually really surprised me. What the main issue for most of these people was was that what he’d said wasn’t sexist. That having ‘a face like a slapped arse’ is gender neutral. I tried explaining that while I understand this it was the situation it was being said in that was sexist. The argument came back that some of these men had been called names by women in their jobs in retail (for example) and I sympathised and told them that that is vile and shouldn’t have happened, but that is not really sexist, as it doesn’t have the weight of the systematic eniwualities of the patriarchy behind it. Anyway, I’ve stepped away from the discusdion now. The one guy who did support my point was accused of just wanting to ‘get in my pants’ so I’ve decided it’s not worth it. Anyway, thanks for letting me share. X