I’m eighteen and I was in a nightclub with my friends and we were dancing and drinking together. One of my favorite dancing songs came up and we were singing really loud when suddenly one of my friends starts urging me to move away, signing with her hands. I turned around and saw this old man dancing way too close to me looking at me with lust.
My friends and I moved away, and some other girls had seen what had happened and came to us to see if we could talk to guard at the door to see if the man could be removed, as he had done the same to them.
In the end, we didn’t go to the guards because the man had moved away, but looking back I think we should have, to at least let him know he couldn’t get away with something like that.
We didn’t go because we were drunk and we knew the guards would use that as an excuse to not take us seriously.
I’ve probably never been more disgusted in my life.