At an open air I got groped by a man while ordering some fries at a stand. He was obviously drunk. I got mad, and pushed him away because he tried to do it again. A friend was standing next to me, but it was a festival so those things ‘happen’ and he was drunk and didn’t ‘control’ his own actions. One of his friends came to me smiling and telling me he didn’t ‘mean’ it, it seemed like a joke to them apparently. Since it was the first time that happened to me, I didn’t know how to deal with it afterwards. I just got on with my life. But having seen your video on TED talk I felt like sharing my story. I’m proud that I didn’t completely ignore it and that I was brave enough to push him away! I think it would be good to spread more awareness like you do. That every touch without consent is just wrong. I hope it gets better.