I’m sure many women can relate but I find every single time I go clubbing/out to bars, if i’m not already there with a guy or some of my guy friends, I’ll be hit on constantly, groped and be followed around my sleazy guys trying to ‘score’, making it a thoroughly unpleasant experience, when it should be something fun – it’s 2018, i shouldn’t feel like i need a ‘chaperone’ to go out.
To make things worse, it’s happened to me twice that i’ve been drinking for a bit, not too much then a guy has bought me a drink (possibly spiked) and i’ve been aware of nothing for a long period of time and then come to in the guy’s bedroom during having sex.. with no memory of getting there. wanting it, fancying the person or consenting. both times the guy wasn’t drunk at all.
Both times I left crying, and neither time did the guy think he’d done anything wrong.