So, I’m actually a middle schooler, and of course, we have a dress code. Last year we could wear whatever and no one cared. This year, the staff are always lecturing us about it. These are my experiences.

So, I was hearing things about one of the assistant principals coming to our classrooms to talk about dress code. And I was ready to straight up fight someone out of my anger when she came. Excuse me? You guys are the ones who are always saying that we need to move faster and use our time wisely when you are interrupting with dress code CRAP. Anyway, she started off by giving a lecture mainly to the girls about leggings and yoga pants and how we couldn’t wear those without wearing a shirt that was mid-thigh. A “shirt” that is mid thigh, isn’t a shirt, it’s a DRESS. When she was done and asked if anyone had any questions, no one raised their hands except me because I wanted to speak up about the clearly sexist dress code. I asked if she had anything to say to the boys. I saw my teacher giving me dirty looks but at that point I didn’t really care. The principal diverted her attention and went on about how the dress code was mostly gender neutral which is not the case. At the end, she was talking about why we have a dress code. She said it was to start developing a sense of professionalism. MY TEACHER WAS WEARING A SHORT DRESS WITH A SWEATER THAT IF A STUDENT WERE TO WEAR, THEY WOULD WE DRESS CODED. Then, the principal said upfront that girls shouldn’t distract the boys. For a school always talking about self confidence, you sure know how to show a girl that a boy’s education is more important to hers. If I’m on my period, I want to wear leggings. Jeans make my legs look so bad and some pairs I own literally fit me in the weirdest ways that don’t make me feel good about myself. During her whole speech, I was rolling my eyes and mouthing to my friend over how stupid this was. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been that rude, but the teacher called me out on it for disrespecting authority.

There was a school dance I was going to that I knew would be super hot because everyone would be sweaty. Because of this, I wanted to wear my shorts that are probably 5 inches down my butt. They are pretty short. My parents forced me to change because I most likely would be dress coded.

Recently I was wearing a shirt that had a zipper that showed a bit of my bra. I pulled it all the way down just because I wanted to rebel. I didn’t get attention, but all my friends told me to zip it up because of dress code, being too revealing, etc. I was hot so it was necessary to pull it down. We are living in a world where in school, if girls show a little skin, other are scared of her getting in trouble.

Thanks for reading, let’s end everyday sexism!