It’s more verbal for me. I have now moved to the UK but, every time I go back in Italy where I’m from, I am told that I “am less female” because I don’t like washing up and cooking, that I “can’t play football” because I am a girl. Every time I go back,I am constantly asked if I have a boyfriend,and often told “why don’t you wax”?
I love my family, but I am 14, and I should be free to live the way I want to and do what I like to. Football included, granpa.
Not to mention when my cousin doesn’t talk to me. He’s a boy, I’m a girl. He finds it awkward.
I go to school and half of the girls there are afraid to ask for pads or tampons. My PE classes are separated because “girls can’t keep up with boys”. And the frequent thing boys say “I’m glad I’m not a girl, so I don’t have to wax, wear make up and get my eyebrows done”.
It’s just a series of different thing that I’ve grown sick of.