I was eighteen and at a christian music festival with my church and I snuck off with two boys I didn’t know to smoke cigarettes without being seen. One put me on his lap and kissed me. When I kissed back he carried me into their tent. I said no, but his friend held me down while he forced himself on me. He texted me the next day that it was the best pussy of his life.
I was twenty one and had decided to leave my fiance while I was visiting my family for a week. I came home and he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and told him no. He shoved me facedown in the mattress and did it anyways.
I was twenty seven and having sex with a man when he put it in my ass. I told him immediately to take it out. He covered my mouth and just kept telling me to breathe deeply as I bawled my eyes out until he was done. He texted me the next day asking if he could see me again.