Every friggin day

I am selling a skirt (amongst other things) on Gumtree so posted a photo of me wearing the skirt without showing my head/face since most women would want to know what the skirt looks like on but naturally I want to maintain privacy.

One man sent a request for more pics. Funnily enough never responded when I told him there were no more pics available.

The next man seemed to genuinely be interested in the skirt for his sister (well yeah, we’ve heard that one before but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt).

Third man straight up asked if the skirt was all that was for sale (but ‘sorry if that’s not ok to ask’. Are you f*****g kidding me??).

In between giving the 2nd man the benefit of the doubt and the 3rd man’s second message, I went back to the 2nd man to advise that there was another party interested. Corrected myself once the 3rd man showed his true colours. 2nd man sends his sympathies…..before hitting on me. SERIOUSLY!