I once went out to a bar with a friend, it was over the road from a train station. When I got off the train, I noticed a guy on the platform. He then followed me into the bar and I lost track of him. About an hour later I noticed he was sat on a table two away from us with a friend. I ignored him thinking nothing of it. Later into the night his friend left and he proceeded to sit down next to me and my friend. We were friendly but swiftly said we needed to leave soon for my final train and her bus. He then followed me to the train platform, and into the women’s toilets on the platform. I came out the toilet and he was stood with his dick out and asked me to suck it. I said no and tried to walk past him. He then pushed me against the wall and forced me to kiss him. I managed to shove him away and jump on the next train and call my boyfriend crying because I felt like I had just cheated on him, luckily he was lovely and said it wasn’t my fault.