Two years ago I was at a night club in which we realised very quickly that we didn’t want to be there. My three friends and I were dancing and enjoying the music when some guys (pretty much a minute after we entered the club) crowded around us in a circle and started dancing behind us. At first I just shook it off, men alway do this in clubs there’s nothing I can do about it, but I felt them get closer and closer and I felt so claustrophobic and felt like I couldn’t dance without them thinking I was dancing up against them. All of a sudden one of my friends turned round and headed for the exit. We followed her wondering what was wrong. She said, in tears, that one of the guys had put his hand up her playsuit and grabbed her bum. We decided to go home and I remember feeling so angry at men for thinking they can just do this to us, like they have a right to our bodies! I was saying this to my friend when all of a sudden a large group of people (of mixed genders) passed us and one guy from the group passed me and grabbed my genitals and then just proceeded to walk down the street with his friends. My friend and I were so shocked, and I didn’t even react at first as it was so sudden then by the time I did he was far away. I just remember feeling so scared in that moment. Feeling like I was so helpless against men’s innapropriate desires. I, as a female, am physically weaker than most men and I felt so exposed to the idea that that man could have done way worse to me if he wanted and there was nothing I could have done at the time. I was just glad I had my friends there with me.