I am angry. reading through these entries just reminds me how far we have to go before we are seen as equal to men. it’s like you can’t say how being a woman is hard without having to add ‘yes, it’s hard for men too, yes men should be treated well’ because although gender inequality hurts everyone women definitely face the brunt of sexism. on a crowded train once, a man brushed up against me. he kept doing it and I convinced myself I was imaging it. when I got off the train a police officer called after me and I was so scared and embarrassed that I started running. the Thing is, I knew somehow that the guy was doing this intentionally but I just didn’t want to accept it. there’s also the thing that men dont tend to move out of a woman’s way much at the train station or that women with opinions are hounded online. mansplaining is a pretty much daily thing. I think girls are taught to fear their bodies too; if we get attention we think we need to change us instead of society changing to make people perming at us less acceptable 247. when people are so for your number and you say no and feel the need to have an excuse and they press so you cave in although you don’t want to. the most infuriating though is when full grown and mostly unattractive men come up to you in your school uniform and hit on you, like mate,you’re a paedophile. the fact people accept this is plain wrong. I think as women we need to be taught that people do this (before it happens to us) and that it is wrong and that we need to speak up.