I am a 12 year old (13 soon) female. I’m on a swim team, and the pool is close enough to my house that my younger sister and I can walk there. A few months ago, we were walking home and I was wearing a beach towel wrapped around my swimsuit straps like a little dress. We were turning at a stop sign when an old man stopped at the sign with his window rolled down. He yelled to me, “Now that’s how I like it!” I was really scared, and when I got home and told my mother, she said I should have covered myself more. But what kind of person foes it make that man to catcall a 12 year old? I still don’t really know if that actually was my fault… Also, last night, my dad, older sister, and I were sitting around a campfire, me and my sister popping our knuckles. My dad said “You shouldn’t do that unless you want giant hands” “That’s gross, and it’s unladylike.” We couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but I’m a little afraid he wasn’t. Sorry if those stories were boring or don’t belong here, but thanks for reading 😛