Half a year ago, I was on exchange and a male friend of mine wanted to come and visit me. He’s not really a super close friend but I didn’t wanted to be rude and tell him to book a hostel or anything, so I let him stay at my student room. I bought this inflatable mattress for him and put it at the other side of the room (to make clear that I had no intentions, because he’s definitely not my type and I had a boyfriend back then). He stayed for a couple of days, and I couldn’t mishear all the masturbating (also because of the sound from the inflatable mattress) he did during the night or in the early mornings. I felt so oppressed and I am quite prude in the way that I didn’t dare to mention it straight up to him. One morning, it was clear that I was awake and I heard him masturbate and I was like ‘Hej, could you stop I can hear you’ and he didn’t react (turned out he sleeps with earplugs). While the next day, during a trip he mentioned to me I should maybe sleep with earplugs cause that would be better if I had this problem of hearing everything. As if it was my problem.