I had always that one male teacher/professor, who told me that I can not be successful in science or engineering, because I am a woman.
A few weeks before my finals, my math teacher offered us a one-to-one conversation about a possible study of mathematics.
When I asked him for his opinion, he answered: “You are good enough to do it, if you were a boy, but as a girl…”.

At the beginning of each semester, all students of a study programm meet with the director of studies. At my second semester I was the only woman. When the director entered, he looked at me and without welcome he said with surprise in voice: “You are still here.” “Yes, sir.”
“But you failed all tests last semester(!?).” “No, I passed them all.” “But you failed my test (!?).” No, I passed it with a good grade.” “Oh, I did not expect that.”

Im my engineering studies, I am often the only woman in class, especially in class of this one special professor (the director of studies), who knows exactly how many jokes he can make without consequences.
Every morning, we had to come in his laboratory to call him for class. One day, when we entered the room, he was talking with his male co-workers. He turned to us and asked why we are there. A fellow student answered that we are there for class. The professor turned to me and said: “Then take off your clothes, so we can get started.” He began to laugh. With a reserved laugh one of his co-workers said to him, that you could misunderstand his statement. He answered that he meant my scarf. I was shocked and could not say a word.

And these were only three of many everyday situations.
Thank you for reading.