When I was in Year 7 I was walking home from my cheer-leading class and our PE kits have short skorts so we don’t trip on them in class. Me and 3 of my (girl) friends were walking some and playing sweet or sour (you wave at cars and see if they wave back) and one man who looked like he was well into his 40’s pulled a sexual gesture at us (his tongue in between 2 fingers) and drove past. I asked my friends what it meant and they explained but they had this happen to them before and acted as if it was nothing. However, I still have to have someone to walk home with me from school because I always feel unsafe as it could be anyone who could do this to you. I know I wasn’t actually groped but at the age of 11/12 it’s quite traumatizing and sticks with you for a while. I told my mom a few days ago and she said that’s unacceptable and that he’s a dirty pervert. Her telling m that has made me feel confident to share this story with others so they can know it’s unacceptable for someone to make any kind of sexual act towards you.