When I was about 14 years old I played a lot of online multiplayer games, and I met a guy there who I started ”dating” online. He was more interested in sex than other guys I had dated online before and so he kept nagging me for pictures of my breasts. I eventually gave in and sent him one but with a bra on. He continued to ask for me to remove it even though I told him no. I didn’t give in that time which I’m very happy about. Another thing that happened was that he wanted me to watch him masturbate (on cam). I said no at first several times but then just agreed and did it.

I’m in my twenties now and I’ve never told anyone about this (until now). I don’t even think I realized that it was sexual harrassment even though I eventually agreed to it. Agreeing just because someone is nagging you to do something is not proper consent, and that took me a while to understand. I hope that someday I will feel comfortable and secure enough to tell someone I know about this because it really weighs you down to feel ashamed of this bad thing someone did to you that wasn’t your fault.