I am a twenty three year old woman. I was working night shifts a few months ago and got off work at 4 AM. I was on my way back home ( I was riding my motorbike as I don’t have a car) and I slowed down a bit to take a turn. This guy pulls up next to me (also on a motorbike) and tugs at my clothes in an attempt to make me stop, he showed me pornography on his phone. In this moment, I thought I am going to be raped and this is it.I sped up and he kept following me. I finally reached a point where there were some people on the road and I begged them to stop and help me. As soon as he saw me talk to these people, he sped off. Ever since that day, I have been traumatized to the core. I never step out of my house without pepper spray, I am always on alert even during the day.
Sadly ,this isn’t the only time I have been harassed or assaulted. I was in 10th grade when a boy grabbed my breasts. On public transport, men have tried to touch me and rub themselves up against me.
I am just so tired of living my life in fear. And its so sad that every woman I know has been through something like this.