When I was an undergraduate I used to take public transit everyday to and from school. One night after finishing class I was riding the train with my bike and I noticed a man enter the train car. He looked like he was on drugs, he looked at me and didn’t stop. He looked me up and down as he stood by the train door. He was holding a bag of chips near his crotch, he pretended to hump the empty chip bag and stared at me as he did it smiling licking his lips and laughing.

I moved to the next train car to get away from him but he followed me so I blocked the walkway with my bike to keep him from physically touching me. I stared at all the other passengers (which were all men). They looked away and out the windows.

I was clearly alone no one was going to help me. I knew the man would follow me when I got off the train and my stop was coming up soon. I noticed the train had a camera and it was pointing right at me. I took my ring of keys and made the only weapon I could think of. I stared into the camera and mouthed HELP! while showing the camera my key fist and pointed at the man who would not leave me alone.

As I got off the train car, the man followed me. The police were already there at the train station, they detained him before he could follow me.

I got lucky because there was a camera on the train. Remember that you cannot count on men to protect you, even in a public space. Always pay attention to your surroundings especially at night!