Kate L

This happened a while ago, only now do I think back at it with any significance. When I was in schooling I, along with many others, took the bus to and from school. Normally I’d keep to myself and everything would be fine. I was one of the last people on the bus, behind me were a group of boys getting off at a later stop just like me.
Soon I heard them make remarks about my appearance, their ‘compliments’ seething with sarcasm. My short hair at the time seemed an unwomanly novelty to them so they entertained the hilarious nature of casually making sexual remarks at me as well as other females. Just before I got off my stop I felt someone kiss around my upper arm almost neck area. In comparison to other people’s experiences this is minor but it was an invasion of boundaries and creepy thing to do because of my gender and clearly general disposition. I had also experienced casual remarks and further ‘jokes’ about me throughout schooling but those are too many to list. I was 13.