One day I was walking to college when I noticed a group of boys following closely behind. Familiar with how boys act together, I started to speed up to create some distance between myself and the group, but it didn’t help. I could hear them talking about me in exaggerated voices with the intent to intimidate me. They were making sexual comments about my body and how my bum looked. One boy said it was because of what I was wearing and that he wouldn’t be saying the things if I was wearing anything else. I was wearing loose joggers. One boy starting talking about what he would do to me and making explicit sexual remarks. I was in floods of tears on the phone to a friend. I felt like I was being followed and there were no shops nearby for me to escape into. I just had to keep walking and take it. People walking past turned a blind eye to what was happening. I felt stupid for being so upset because no one else thought what had happened was bad. I was told it’s just part of being a girl, which I refuse to accept. People told me I should have said something back to them, which is unrealistic and much easier said than done. I was so angry but felt as if no one understood me. I will always speak up about these experiences because they will not oppress me. I wish strength to all other women who have experienced issues similar to this.