I’m only 15, but I’m only now realising how many really creepy experiences I’ve actually had, thinking they were normal.

This might be specific to my age group and where I live, but I’ll say it anyway.

I’ve been taught to feel embarrassed for saying no to guys, and always feel bad when I stop a guy from doing something they want to do, and they get mad, as if I owe it to them.

At parties I see, way too often, a guy wanting to kiss or do something with a girl, and the girl saying no at LEAST 10 times before she eventually gives up. (I’ve only experienced guys do this, but I assume it could go both ways, I just never see a guy feeling shame or embarrassment for rejecting a girl.)

And people seem to never give this a second thought, just shrugging it off, “they were drunk”. Then I feel dumb for whining about it.

Hold people accountable please, it’s not just “boys will be boys” 🙁