Nicola M.

My lovely 16 year old daughter has gone out to see her best friend today – on a sunny afternoon in Leeds UK. COVID meant there was no prom for my daughter and her friends. This is their first trip to a restaurant since before lockdown and they decided to dress up a bit. My d. went out in a powder blue dress she had bought for a birthday party also scuppered by lockdown, happy in her mind and body. She was meeting her friend at the bus stop which meant walking down the main road. After a couple of minutes, some blokes whistled at her from their car and shouted β€œyou look nice!” She phoned me (I was at the supermarket) feeling scared and upset. The saddest thing was that she said β€œis this dress inappropriate, Mam? Should I not have worn it?”
I assured her she most definitely should have worn it and felt so sad that her first call for blame was herself. We agreed that cat-callers deserve belittling by being completely ignored when you are on your own and by being given the angry finger with no coyness or giggles when with friends. πŸ˜”
Big respect also to her 14 year old sister who ran down to the main road to meet her and walk with her to meet her friend.
I have also urged her to visit this website too – it is a therapeutic and empowering act to do so.