My high school was located next to a professional school for electricians and mechanics almost entirely attended by men. Every day I walked along the tree-lined avenue to get to the school hoping not to meet the usual group of boys who enjoyed annoying the girls with obscene phrases and proposals. This happened almost every day, in the street, from the windows of the school, in the parking lot,…
The worst memory I have, was when one day, a group of six men decided to surround me and accompany me for at least 50 meters until the entrance of the high school. I had two on each side, one behind and one in front walking backwards to look me in the face. For those minutes, which seemed like hours, they kept saying obscenities and harassing me.
I was silent the whole time. I just kept walking with my eyes down until I reached the school. Almost ten years have passed, but I remember perfectly how I felt.
If I talk to someone about this story, and many others that I have experienced, the main answer is “Boys will be boys”, like it’s a normal thing!
I am the one who is too closed, too sensitive, too frigid. I unfortunately have little confidence in the male gender. I hope one day to find someone who can prove me otherwise.