One weekend, when I was a young girl my Dad was very interested in developing my science education and making my watch educational programmes. He wanted me to have a better education than he did when he was younger because it was a struggle for him.

“There’s a programme called ‘Weird Science’ coming up on the telly, it’s about to start!” my Dad called out to me up the stairs enthusiastically.

I ran down the stairs slightly irritated because he had already made me watch several educational programmes that week.

We started to realise that the show was about some sexually frustrated American teenage boys trying to make a robot woman.

“Look away! Look away!” called Dad as he turned the TV off: “I’m sorry.”

Fast forward many years and I am terrified discover that there are now real male roboticists making artificial women catering to male fantasies.

Not much has changed.

Yay for science! *sarcasm*

If this carries on then we may be doomed.