I’ve got a couple I’m inspired to share after reading your book recently.

First off, I’ve recently found out I’m on a list of ‘best arses’ in the male toilets at work. I’m an engineer in a male-dominated department. I feel slightly ashamed to say that I’m so conditioned that at first I found it slightly flattering, before realising how disgusting that list really is. Now every time I see a male colleague I wonder if he added my name to the list. When I told my boyfriend his reaction was ‘well you do have a nice arse’ (he is usually very supportive of me and my career so I was very surprised at this)

The other I wanted to share – in my first two years at university I got into a relationship with someone on my course (an engineering course) that turned sour. He got a caution for ABH (against me) and was issued with a harassment warning. When I reported it to the university, they allowed him to continue in the same lectures as me and the society we were both a member of. The university didn’t take me seriously at all and valued the money from his uni fees more than supporting me.

I’ve got endless stories of comments in public, in bars etc too but too many to really list!