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I’m thirteen, I come from Poland, my patenty aren’t extremely poor or roch they’re just in between, And it matters because they have some realy welathy And ruch friends. Few months ago, in january we went to thailand with these friends. They were billionairs. More precisely, The Man was The billionair And his wife worked in The company. It was realy fun, but one day me, my dad And that Man were swimming in The swimming pool. I realy like swimming And I’m good at it so it took me longer than my dad to get tired. He left And i came to The side of The pool to watch The now Orange sun, hide underneeth The horizon. It was truly beautiful. And then this man came to stand next to me. Now, i might be overreacting And everything, it might have just been some stupid joke, but i realy felt extremely uncomfortable because of what he did next. I know it wasn’t much. Barely anything. But i felt, And still fell like it was wrong. He put one hand on my hip, And started tuching my backside And thighs. I stiffled immidiately but I couldn’t get away because of his hand on my hip. I think he was doing it for a minute or something like that before takich his hand from my backside but still holding me by my hip. He cassualy asked me if I liked it. I told him i didn’t because that was The truty And i can’t imagine myself telling him anything else. My voice was trembling so i didn’t elaborate. He told me my dad didn’t have to know about what happened, And it was probably The first sign it was something wrong. He took his hand And I stopę there for a minute, I didn’t want to look as if I was escaping. Then i steadied myself And told him i should probably go black to swimming. I swam to The other side of The pool as far from him as possible, got out there And took teo extra towels to cover myself more. I felt like i has Marks, And was ashamed someone would see them. I went to The room And lay on The bed for half an hour. I could Puck myself up. I didn’t cry or went to my parents, as You would expect. I just lay there. Not thinking. Not moving. I think i was unconsiously trying to come up with The Best sollution. But there was nothing on The forefront of my mind. I didn’t fell anyone. I didn’t think about it. Until few days ago I remembered. I had a breakdown, it was The middle of The night so No one in The House knew. I have a friend that is basiccaly my boyfriend, but there is No romantycznie relationship there. I texted him, And he answered immidiately. I was wordied he would tel me i overreacted. But he was just furious with that Man. I jest telling him it wasn’t that big of a deal. It could’ve been a joke. I kępy telling myself not to mąkę a fuss over it. It wasn’t important. He told me to fell my dad. I know I should’ve. But It’s so difficult. So i told my only friend two days later. She insisted on my to tel someone. She’s very supportive, but it was more difficult than with my boyfriend, couse i had to tell her that eye to eye. I still hadn’t told anyone else. But I saw You talking on You Tube, And realized marne it WAS assault. No one’s going to read this anyway, so there’s nothing to lose. It feels good to tell someone though. To know there’s a possibility of anyone out there feeling anything for me And reading this terrible gramaticly story. So, thank You for reading this.

Astronauts on periods?

Talking about what astronauts do on their periods isn’t disgusting. Its interesting. 🚀 When you act like periods are disgusting (even if they are) it makes me feel disgusting too, even though that wasn’t your intention. I am me, and I will not limit myself to anyone else’s expectations!


Overly flirty man at work Hitting on a 18 year old 18 year avoids him being she feels sick in his presence, and at work feels like a prey animal Colleagues – she must have a problem, he is nice guy Please forgive me for my irresponsuble behavior I was unjust to look out for myself in a situation i feel threatened in I was wrong to feel ill in his presence My natural instincts are correct unless they hurt nice men, even if the nice man is a incel creep who reads anime without words His feelings are more important than mine Flirting is a compliment Only stuck up women will resist flirting If they accepting flirting they are equally condemned as whores, and are immoral “I am sooo, soo, sooooooo, sorry” (Father ted reference). I am sick of being nice. Fuck niceness. “I am no man’s Elizabeth”. Another good tv quote.


I do the same job as my male colleague, who is lazy and doesn’t pick up anything that he doesn’t fancy doing that deal… leaving me with the rest. I know that he gets paid a lot more than me for being in the same role (even though we have both been there for over 4 years). I put up with it for years, but recently I started to push back and don’t want to be walked over. My attitude is not even a faction of my male colleagues behaviour and is still professional. I was given some extra work to which I stated that I currently have too many other projects going on, and which priority would they like it, as I couldn’t fit it all in. To which my boss said that I wouldn’t be able to do any development from now on as “I can’t even fit in my basic job” (despite my work load being twice that of my male colleague) and “I will need to go to anger management classes“ as I am no longer being the super helpful smiling doormat!


I’m a 22 year old bench joiner. While at work last week, an external contractor in his sixties was getting some people together to help move some machinery. I asked if he wanted/ needed my help too and he reached forward and squeezed my bicep before saying “no it’s okay thanks”. Previous to this, the first time I met him he put his cold wet hands on the back in my neck on my bare skin and another time he pulled on my gloves in my back pocket. I reported all of this to my boss the next day who was unwilling to confront him and essentially made excuses for him saying he’s of a different generation. He violated my personal space, touched me without my consent (and in the middle of a pandemic), he made a sexist comment implying I wasn’t strong enough even though I do exactly the same work as everyone else in my job.

I’m a weed, 19

I’m currently studying architecture and told my dad that 63% of female architects get sexually harassed expecting him to get angry because hes protective of me. Instead he said “doesn’t take much for something to be called sexual harassment” which made me really upset.


Hi, I’m a 14-year-old girl in the United States. A while ago, there was this kid that lived next door that would stare at me through his window while I was doing everyday activities. When I called him out on it, he put on a face that caused people to start taking his side because of how, “bad he felt” even though he didn’t apologize. I later moved out and I was so happy because I was sheltered and didn’t realize how inevitable creepy guys were. When I moved to another state, I met this guy who wouldn’t seem like at first that he would touch anyone. But one day when I was on a swing with my friend, he asks if he can push me. I said no, but he comes anyway and puts his hands on my hips and begins to push me. I jump off and tell one of my friends and she just laughs it off. Months later he comes by me when our cross country coach was explaining something to us and put his arm around me and started touching my butt and hips. I went to the other side of the room and I couldn’t tell him no because it wouldn’t matter. I know this is not as big of a deal as other people, but I’m so frustrated with these guys being justified for not fitting in, so they don’t have many friends, so they get away with touching girls.

Hanging out

When my friend and I were hanging out, a group of boys from school came up to me. My friend left me to deal with them alone. There were 5 boys. Let’s call Boy 1, boy 2, boy 3, boy 4, boy 5. Boy 1 called out my name, I ignored him at first. Then I stopped bc I felt bad. He and boy 2-5 biked towards me. Boy 2 said, “Boy 3 days you’re thick.” Then Boy 1 said that Boy 3 wants to kiss me. I told them to fuck off. They kept getting closer to me, saying that they would be at our local pizza place. Now I wish I had said more. I don’t like having 14 years old looking at my body. I feel even worse bc I was flattered at first bc I didn’t do anything to make Boy 3 notice me. The girl that left me started joking that we ran from a group of boys and she sent Boy 3 a screenshot of her notes with prices for a kiss and a date. We’re not friends anymore. I can’t tell my parents bc Ik my mom is going to say it’s something I did


I have been currently redeployed from my job and it has been 9 weeks there. I want to share what happened to me yesterday so people know what it is like. I just want to share my day there. I am usually there for 2 or 3 days a week- 24 hour working week. I had been feeling quite headachy and got up in the morning and was very sick in my bathroom sink. I took some painkiller to feel better. To my horror, my redeployment job re-introduced the morning exercise routine. I found this enforced jolility worthless, insulting and felt like it was being used to bully people. I have mostly (80%) given up taking part. It feels like the PE lessons I was in as a child in a new guise which I dropped out of by year 9. Completely atrocious behaviour going on. Feels like sub manager is being a bully by treating it like a “bit of fun” with the others. I want to be active when I choose to be active, not from others like this colleague (submanager) forcing me. I loathed PE growing up, as I grew up in the era of “Friends picking Friends.” so no inclusivity or encouragement. Worst was her whispering “I am your boss and you MUST do it.” She lost my respect immediately in about 10 seconds of talking to me and had the nerve to pretend to the others that she was “being funny”. She thinks she knows about autism from having been on a “course.” Nope. She is still as ignorant as ever and it’s embedded right in her curly alice banded head, I think. Headache came back on coming home that day. The working environment has shown how petty, sexist, toxic, arrogant and vile some people are.

Girl band?

Hi, I’m a 12 year old girl (soon 13). We recently did a project in music class, we played different songs in bands. I played with my friends (all girls, so we where the only girl band) and we had a really great time until we played the song in front of our class. A bit of context: There is a dude in my class who is a sexist asshole, let’s call him T. T used to call me and another friend of mine “fucking feminists” everyday for weeks but he stopped two months ago. So right before we started playing T screamed “flash your tiddies”. I didn’t hear it at the time but my friend told me afterwards. I was shocked, I knew T was a sexist asshole but I didn’t think he would say somehing like that! Fortunately the music teacher talked to T and his bandmembers (they also insulted us) but when I told another teacher she did nothing :(. This was a week ago, we had music today and a dude called my friend a bitch and when she got offended he laughed at her :(.