When I was 18, I managed to get on a work placement doing what I wanted to pursue later on at uni. I was the youngest in the whole office by 5 years, though the average age was probably late 30’s, and I was the only female in my department. On my smoke breaks I would often run into my boss’ boss, who I’d say was about 40. We would chat, he would tell jokes, sometimes of a slightly flirty nature, but I let him be, not wanting to cause a fuss as I’d only be there for a couple of months. I went on a night out with my other colleagues, and they all added me on Facebook. A couple of days later I got a request from my boss’ boss. I accepted, as he’d offered to help me with a job after I finished university.

Over the course of the next 8 months, he messaged me several times, at first friendly, but then asking me about my sex life, trying to tell me about his, describing what he’d like to do to me, belittling my boyfriend and eventually asked me – with a very graphic description – for a blowjob. He got married during this time. I could never tell to what extent he was “joking”, but it made me feel so uncomfortable either way. He eventually got bored, but I hope it wasn’t because he found another innocent young woman to prey on.