I work on weekend nights selling food to the drunk people on a night out. We naturally talk to the people in the bars and the doormen, so i thought nothing of it when i was on a Night out myself, that i then also would continuesly talk to the people befriended from work. I went into a dark corridor of the club, one only used by staff. One of the men i had befriended was there and i thought nothing of it, cause we were just friends, a kind of colleages. As i walked past him to get to the door leading into the club, he kissed me, hard and unexpected… he pushed me up against the wall and i scrambled to get to the doorhandle. He held my arms above my head and put his hand into my pants. I escaped him and barged through the door and straight into a bussy club where people stared at me. It was the most horrible experience of my life, and i cant stop crying and worry about next time i go to work.