So this happened four times, and I thought that they were accidents, but then it kept happening. I am 14 now, and a freshman at a science based school, where I see 5 men for every one girl. I’m blonde, so I’ve had people think that I’m stupid, and in 8th grade, I was known as easy. It started when I, the quiet book worm, wore a Harley Quinn costume for Halloween. I walked into school and was cat called, and had been told by other girls to cover up because a inch of my belly was showing. Another thing happened that year. It was at six flags. Most of my friends are guys, so I hung out with them on the field trip. We all went on this one water ride 10 times. It was a lot of fun. I was sitting next to one of these boys, and he throw his arm up, and put it on my thigh. I told him to stop, but it happened 6 more times. It was the last ride of the day, and I saved a seat for my boyfriend, but the boy took the seat. My boyfriend sat with his friend, and on the ride he told me how much he loved my costume that Halloween, and how he wanted to do me. So I just sat there, and as we went down the drop he put his hand on my croch. I socked him in the face the worst thing is, is that it feels like it’s my fault. And another thing happened when I was 12 with my 20 year old step brother. He would come into my room when my parents were gone and he would touch me. And that is the moment that my I lost faith in men. I’ve always been scared of guys older than me, and he made me feel like the world hated me. That moment broke in into 20 different pieces