Ayla Azim

One time I was at school and there was this boy who said “what’s up?” In a disrespect way. Then a few days later I was walking down the hallway and he catcalled me during lunch. That same lunch period I walked down the hallway again and he catcalled me again, and that same lunch period he catcalled me again. One time I did stand up at this high school and I was catcalled. Another time I was catcalled by trick o treaters when giving candy outside of my house. Catcalling has really hurt me it has caused me to worry about how to respond and made me feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothes in public. But I think it’s really important to advocate for women not to worry about how to respond but to speak about the injustice they have faced and tweet and share every time they get catcalled to help raise awareness to this horrible issue. And all women out there we got this!