I am a Woman in her early 40’s. During my childhood I was repeatedly beaten and spit on by older teenagers for wearing skirts and makeup. On many occasions this gang would pull my underwear down, sometimes in public. I have been burnt and had chunks of my hair cut off. I tried to tell my mother about this but she said it was my own fault for dressing and behaving as I did.

I have been beaten up multiple times in the street and to this day I occasionally get threatened with violence. As a young woman I was bundled in the back of a van by strangers who gang raped me and tried to murder me calling me a freak through out.

My parent and siblings, the people I love the most in the world and am desperate to be close to, refuse to speak to me and exclude me from all family events.

The reason all these have happened to me is because I am Transgender. I was born in a Male body but have known I am a woman and dressed in skirts all my life.

Every person who has targeted or rejected me has told me that this was why they were targeting.

The reason I am writing this is because I heard a group of women saying that Trans Women are treated better in society than “real” women and are just men who want to be able to enter female spaces.

If you believe this please reread the last few paragraphs and imagine having all these things happen to you just for saying you are a woman. Why would I put myself through all this if it wasn’t who I really am?