At my school there has always been words or actions that would put people down. I never thought I would be one. There was a boy I knew in kindergarten who had a crush on me but moved away after the third grade. Never thought I would see him again. He moved back our 8th grade year and I didn’t even know it. He didn’t even know I was still in that town. 9th grade started and we met at the 1st Speech and Debate meeting. We recognized each other and slowly became friends again. We became partners for different events and even made some new friends in Speech and Debate practice. Before our homecoming dance we had a football game and he asked me right before the band headed into the stands to go to Homecoming with him. I said yes but right before the dance one of my friends said he used to hit her and leave bruises. I was scared but I still went. He found out at the dance that I didn’t like him like that and things got awkward. We got into fights because he kept hitting my friend and I dropped being partners with him. I told him to leave me alone but that only lasted for a few weeks. He started to bother me again, saying or suggesting some things over text message. I was so scared to tell anyone. I didn’t even tell my sister or closest best friends afraid of what they might think of me. Whenever I would see him, or hear his name I would get panic attacks and no one understood why.
It wasn’t until I found this website that I realized I wasn’t alone. Thank you to everyone who has read this, for listening to what I have to say. This has made it so much easier on me and the stress I had to deal with since this kept happening over and over again. It feels like a weight and has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Laura for this website where we know we are not alone.