I was getting the train home from school that I got everyday, and it was not very busy. A man sat in the four seats to the left of mine, facing the opposite way to me so we were facing each other diagonally. I had PE last lesson, so I did not wear tights that day, just my knee length skirt.
He kept looking at my legs, and then got his phone out and placed it on his knee/on it’s side so the camera was facing me – he kept leaning forward to look at the phone, as if he were recording my legs. I was terrified, angry and frozen in fear. I stood up early as my stop was next, and as I stood up, looking at the man in the face, he looked a bit shocked as if I knew what he was doing and immediately put his phone down. I told my dad what had happened and he asked me why I hadn’t worn my tights/if this would’ve happened if I had: I was crying. I was fourteen.
I told the public transport police who called me a few days later to let me give them details of the man, and I never heard from them again. I vomited after that phone call.
Why are there cameras on trains if they can’t use them to identify paedophiles? It’s been three years now, and I am still incredibly wary of men on public transport.