I just saw a Ted-talk about everyday sexism and I realized how normal it is. I as a girl don’t even realize rape even if it’s just touching someone when they don’t want it. Last weekend I was on a birthday party of a friend of mine, me and my friends left to walk to the train station. We weren’t alone, there were a bunch of other guys who were leaving too. One guy I had talked to earlier was kind of drunk so I helped him to walk to the station. He was friends with a bunch of my friends and really nice. When we got to the train station and had to wait he just grabbed my butt. I told him to stop but he did it again, two or three times. Eventually the train came and I left him with his friends. The next school day I even told my friends about what had happened but they showed the same reaction as I did before. “hey, that’s normal, he was drunk, just get over it” I didn’t think about it any more because that’s just how it is and it’s a normal everyday thing. I’ve experienced it more than once when going to a club with my friends guys would just grab my butt but I wouldn’t really do much against it besides of telling them to stop because that’s “what girls have to expect when going to a club”. So I’m really thankful for seeing this YouTube video and being able to write about it here.