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This is such a great idea i’ve only just heard of!

Public spaces:
I’m a 30 year old woman and i’ve had countless times where a man/group of men have catcalled or wolf whistled etc in the street. There are a few that come to mind most:
– Once in my mid twenties i was walking along a quiet street on my own and walked past a parked van which had it’s window down and a guy was sitting in the driver’s seat. He said loudly “jiggly tits” as i walked past. It took me a few moments to register he was talking about me and was shocked and annoyed at myself for not going back and confronting him.
– Another time in my mid twenties i was walking past a pub alone with a group of middle aged men standing outside. One of them said something along the lines of “how are you today love?” I ignored him and carried on walking past him. He then said loudly “oh don’t be so miserable.”
– Once at around 8pm i was walking home alone and a man who was drunk started shouting in my face about how ugly i was and following me. There were loads of people out on the street and no one stepped in and said anything, everyone just looked away.
– Walking home from school at age 16, in school uniform, a group of builders started wolf whistling me.
– I have a small tattoo on my ankle. Once i was walking along the street and two men walking nearby started talking really loudly about my tattoo and then asking me questions about it. Would they have done this if it was a man?

In the workplace:
– I worked in retail when i was a teenager and for many years in my twenties and there were countless times when men have commented things like “smile love” when i’ve been minding my own business. This also happens if i’m a customer.
– A male colleague started asking me what my favourite sex positions were. I’d worked with him for about a week and barely knew him. When i told him that’s not something i wanted to speak about with him he replied “you English women are so cold.”
– A male colleague told me how great my tits were.
– A male colleague who would spend most his day standing about at the printer in the very large office trying to chat up all the young women.

Nights out:
When in university and out at pubs/clubs-
– When dancing with just a small group of women, men would surround the group and almost try to pick off each one of us to separate us from each other and make it easier to ‘pull’. They would take offense if we showed no interest because the idea of a group of women just wanting to go out and have fun and not spend time with men is apparently crazy?

– Women are sexualised everywhere. It particularly infuriates me in sport – women parading around in hardly any clothes whilst the men play sport (think F1, wrestling, basketball, darts etc.) Even when they do get their foot in the door and actually play the sport they’re completely sexualised (think tennis, wrestling..).